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Why is simulation relevant?

When processes and operations are complex and involve dynamic and random events, it is impossible to predict the outcome of proposed changes without experimentation.

Dynamic simulation is a very powerful tool for answering questions precisely, quickly and economically, without disrupting current operations and while condensing time.

Simulation is an unequaled tool for visualizing, analyzing and optimizing systems even if they do not yet exist!

Examples of use:

  • Validate potential savings before investing in an infrastructure or improvement project.

  • Optimize the planning of a factory, warehouse, clinic or construction site. Visit this page for more information  on this subject.

  • Design an optimal layout of factory, warehouse, distribution center.

  • Optimize the use of resources (employees, forklifts, overhead cranes, mechanics, AGVs, shipping docks, etc.).

  • Analyze traffic and congestion.

  • Solve a bottleneck problem.

  • Sell a concept to investors, allowing them to see it before it exists.

  • Train employees on a new concept that is difficult to visualize.

See examples of models on our Youtube page .

Flexsim fork truck simulation
Flexsim airport security simulation
Flexsim construction project simulation
Flexsim healthcare simulation
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