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Do you have a complex planning problem? With several constraints?

We may have the solution for you.


Sometimes it is not possible to set the project plan, week plan or production plan to our satisfaction in advance. Uncertainty persists. And we cannot try it before the time. It would be magic if we could.  But, yes we can.  Thanks to the magic of simulation!

Here are  examples of typical situations:

  1. Complex weekly planning of activities for the next week or weeks to come. ​  More details.

  2. Uncertainty about future capacity needs (labour, equipment, space, inventory, storage).  More details.

  3. Optimization of Kanban or ERP/MRP inventory management parameters. More details.

  4. Large-scale and long-term project . More details .

  5. Your planning process looks like this:

Advanced simulation-based planning tool

Planification sur papier
Processus complexe

Portrait d'une implantation typique

Voyez un aperçu des étapes d'implantation de cet outil.  

Ne laissez pas passer la possibilité d'une meilleure planification ET d'un esprit plus tranquille.

Contactez-nous aux coordonnées ci-dessous.

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