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Sale or rental of FlexSim software

We can help you decide if Flexsim is right for you and which of buying or leasing is the best option.

FlexSim training

Online or at your office. In French or in English. Anything is possible.  For more information.

Simulation modeling

For a specific need, for a first mandate, in order to evaluate the software before the purchase or if the need is urgent: hire a simulation expert to do it for you or with you.


Simulation services outsourcing
For recurring needs, but without having to buy software and manage resources, licenses and training.  We can be your simulation department.

Implementation of an advanced planning tool

Do you have a complex planning problem with several constraints?

We may have the solution for you.

Creation of 3D objects for your simulation models

Whether it's a static 3D object or a complex animated equipment.

Process improvement

  • Optimization of inventory management parameters in your management software (ERP, MRP, WMS) and implementation of inventory management best practices

  • Process mapping and value added analysis

  • Data analysis (data mining)

  • Diagnosis of operations (productivity, efficiency, deadlines, added value, capacity, real costs, profitability)

  • Factory CAD layout and design of ergonomic and productive workstations

  • Warehouse and distribution center CAD layout and shelving design

No matter what your needs are, contact me to discuss them at: 514-979-6675 or email.

Our services

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