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Training at Flexsim

FlexSim training is given every month.  You can either attend in person at FlexSim, Utah, USA or online via web meeting.  Training is in English and there is a registration fee for each participant.

Training at your office

Training at your office, in French or English, by one of our simulation consultants based in Montreal.  Or it can be by web meeting if you prefer.  Length is determined according to your specific needs.  Registration fee is for the group of participants instead of per participant.

Public training

We occasionally organize public trainings.

In any case, contact us to know more or to register.

Autonomous training

It is possible to learn FlexSim on your own.

There are several ways to help you:

  • Tutorials in the Help menu of the software (download the software here )

  • Training videos on FlexSim's Youtube  page.

  • Online Software Manual.

Training options on FlexSim

Lift truck simulation
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