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Is your organization an educational institution?

Are you a student ? a teacher? 

Join more than 400 educational institutions around the world where FlexSim is used and get your license now.


FlexSim for Education

Type de licence
Taille des modèles
Durée de la licence
Rabais vs commercial
Individual license for students and teachers for a course, project or internship (for individual computers)
100 objects
6 months
100% (free)
Permanent individual license for teacher
Network license for multi-station classroom

To request a free individual license, fill this form.

For all other options, contact us by email.

And we have the tools to help you use FlexSim in the academic setting:

  1. A n excellent textbook of simulation applications. For more information and to order:

  2. A complete teacher's "kit" including syllabus, PowerPoint presentation, quizzes, templates, projects, worksheets, exercises and solutions

  3. Free Training Videos

Finally, here is an article   by Allen Greenwood and Malcolm Beaverstock on simulation in education.

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