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Situation 1: Complex weekly planning

  • Your situation:

    • Non-linear production with crossed flows or with bottleneck equipment used by all products (oven, autoclave, paint line, CNC, panel saw, MRI, operating room, etc.)

  • What you do:​
    • You make a plan for the week as best you can

    • You achieve your week of operation more or less according to the plan

    • You see the results and resulting issues 

    • You repeat for the following week

  • What an advanced planning tool allows:

    • On Friday you test your plan for the following week in the simulator

    • Within minutes you see results and problems for the week ahead

    • You make the adjustments to your plan that you test immediately in ​the simulator

    • You leave for the weekend with peace of mind because you know that the plan for the coming week is optimized 

Applications of Advanced Simulation Based Planning Tool

Plan de projet non optimisé
Plan de projet optimisé

Situation 2: Uncertainty about future capacity needs

  • Your situation:

    • You must plan your equipment, labor, space and/or warehousing  needs for the coming year or for years to come

  • What you do:​

    • You make an Excel spreadsheet that estimates these needs based on the current as well as the demand forecasts and your experience​

    • This spreadsheet contains many simplifications compared to reality because it is not possible to take into account all the variability and complexity in un Excel spreadsheet

  • What an advanced planning tool can do:​

    • You simulate  an entire year of production in a few minutes while taking into account the variability of the processes, the probabilities of unforeseen events,  the demand seasonality for all products.

    • You can see your future equipment, labor, space and/or storage needs by day, week, month and you don't have to settle for an average.

    • Thus, you get  a complete and realistic portrait of future needs in order to make more informed decisions.

See ​ other application examples .

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