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  • Object library for manufacturing, distribution and warehousing

  • Object library for healthcare designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry: hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

  • Person Flow library for modeling all types of human processes

  • Suitable for modeling in all fields and industries

  • Discrete simulation and continuous processes (process industries)


  • Operators for handling, operations, start-up and repairs

  • Several types of shelving

  • Very powerful conveyor object

  • Process Flow module that offers an incredible level of control over operators, equipment and all elements of the model

  • AGV, overhead crane, robot

  • A-Star module for navigation


  • Known statistical distributions are pre-programmed

  • Find or build your own distributions with Experfit included

  • Random events like breakdowns (mtbf, mttr) or delays as well as working hours


  • Countless choice of statistics and performance measures  

  • OptQuest Experimentation and Optimization Module


  • Import/export from/to MS Excel

  • Direct link with OBDC/SQL/Oracle/etc.

  • OPC UA/DA/Modbus emulation


  • Infinitely customizable 3D animation

  • Compatible with 33 different 3D file formats (.wrl, .3ds, .skp, .stl, etc.)
  • Import .dwg or .dxf CAD drawings

  • Create your own objects and reuse them in other models

  • Tool for creating camera movements (flypath)

  • Video recording and screenshot tool


  • Company founded in 1993

  • Incredible support from the FlexSim team

  • Continuous development according to industry best practices

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FlexSim Winning Features

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