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Applications of Advanced Simulation Based Planning Tool

Situation 3: Optimization of Kanban or ERP/MRP inventory management parameters

  • Your situation:

    • You have an inventory management or replenishment system by Kanban or in an ERP/MRP system or both.

    • You want to reduce your  inventory investments and/or  reduce shortages of certain items.

  • ​ What you do:​

    • You adjust the inventory management parameters (SS, ROP, ROQ, min, max, etc.) to the best of your knowledge and see the effect of these changes over the following weeks and months.

  • What an advanced planning tool can do:​

    • You adjust inventory management parameters in the simulation-based planning tool.

    • In a few minutes, you simulate a future production period (week, month, year) in order to see the effect of the changes you have made.

    • The tool also provides you with the optimal settings to use based on your performance goals.

    • So the science of inventory management is at your service:

Inventory model
Inventory parameters

Situation 4: Large-scale and long-term project

  • Your situation:

    • You plan the plan for a project that spans several months or several years and involves a multitude of stages, resources and components (construction ship, power station, building, etc.)

  • What you do:​

    • You use project management software like Primavera or another and you detail all project activities as well as dates and resources​

    • This tool presents the project plan in the form of a Gantt chart and other similar diagrams, but it is difficult to visualize in advance potential conflicts in the use of resources and workspaces and storage in progress project

  • What an advanced planning tool can do:​

    • You see, in a 3D animated film, the progress of the project and you can visually detect conflicts of dates, resources and/or d'espace

    • Within minutes (you choose the speed) you can see the whole project of several months or years, press pause, examine a moment, restart the simulation, etc.

    • Here are 2 examples of this kind of tool for construction projects:​

Portrait of a typical implementation

See an overview   of the steps for implementing this tool.

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